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Boca Chica, Panama – We had a great time fishing with Capt. Jason Coffrin on Mr. Trigger. This was our fourth time fishing with him in Boca Chica, Panama and everywhere in between. On every trip, Capt. Coffrin has produced a marlin for us. Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin have all made their way boatside for us. This time it was not to be and maybe we were just too spoiled!

We had some pretty nasty water to deal with the entire trip, battling green water and red tide the entire time. Despite that poor water, Capt. Jason did manage to raise 3 Blue Marlin on the teasers. We put the hooks in two of them, but could not get them to get that aggressive bite we like so much. They must have been gorging themselves during the full moon as these lethargic blues would just swim up and open their mouths hoping something would fall in! Well, we tried to oblige in that regard, but we still needed some help from them.

Even though we were targeting Blue Marlin with larger teasers for bait and switch fishing, we  still managed to catch plenty of Sailfish to pass the time. Usually a dorado would not make news, but we caught an enormous 75 lbs. specimen that didn’t even look real. She measured 70” in total length and was a personal best for me.

No doubt we will make our way down there to try our best at some of the famed Black Marlin fishing off Hannibal Bank. We highly recommend fishing with Capt. Coffrin, so if you are thinking about a great getaway to Panama. IMG_1608 To get a hold of Mr. Trigger you can hit him up onFacebook or his website Mr. Trigger Sportfishing.

Panama Sport Fishing

Flamingo-Black-514x393Boca Chica, Panama –  We sometimes forget about the great variety of fish when talking sport fishing in Panama, because we get so many great reports about the sailfish bite. We have no problem reporting on it, but I think people get used to seeing 5-7 sailfish a day and just assume everyone gets to experience that. Well, we are here to tell you that while the fishing can be great, it is fishing.

We got a great report from Capt Jason Coffrin on the Mr Trigger who fishes down in Boca Chica mostly. In the last 7 trips he has raised 12 marlin and released 7. A marlin a day keeps the doctor away in our book! What we like about it though, was the good variety. He had one Black Marlin of about 200lbs, three Blue Marlin in the 200-250lbs range and then three Striped Marlin as well. Add a few sailfish and you have some good fishing!

We talk to Jason a lot and he almost exclusively fishes bait and switch. While we have all done that on Blue Marlin and even some Striped Marlin, he does that also on the Black Marlin. Not a first for sure, but we love a guy with guts.

Capt. Jason indicated that there have been a bunch of fry bait and bonita in the area and yellowfin tuna  are moving in as well, so he expects some larger Marlin to pop up soon.

If you are looking for some good variety, go check out Capt. Jason Coffrin on the Mr. Trigger  at ( or if you are a Facebooker add  to touch base with him.