Costa Rica fishing for Bait

Catching bait in Costa Rica and Panama can be the easiest thing on this list of things to do for the day of fishing or it can be a night mare ! We do a lot more live baiting in Panama because of the amount of Black Marlin throughout the region of the Hannibal Bank and the Island of Montousa we are much more equipped in the morning for live bait success! We have small spinning rods with chunks of ballyhoo on circle hooks ready to go, 30 lb tackle with giant hand made sabiki riggs ready for the morning trip out to the fishing grounds and we also have this little guy pictured here rigged on a 50w penn international! We rigg them on 50’s well…. because they also have caught wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna and large skip jack witch we like the most!  Both Costa Rica and Panama are great for live baiting so now a days we are always rigged and ready but, when it really comes down to it and the water is super clear and the sun is high this is our go to lure for the surface live baits. Small yellow fin tuna, big skip jack and bonita are our go to baits!  My favorite is the skip jack! Whenever we seem to have a healthy skip on the line for bait it seems to produce some sort of Marlin whether it be blue, stripe or black!  For this amazing product pictured here check out or Legend Lures on Facebook for more info about these lures and an enormous inventory of other lures for all kinds off offshore big game.  They have a countless selection of different heads and skirts to choose from for Marlin, tuna, sail fish, mahi mahi, Wahoo. Get back out on the water and dont leave the dock without a legend lure!




the bullet bait killer

the bullet bait killer

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Mr Trigger takes kids fishing, Quepos

Weather your going for a giant tuna or a huge Marlin getting the young guys and gals out on the water is truly the best when it comes to the Mr trigger crew!  This trip happened to be on our little stint back in Panama where we fished for Black Marlin Mahi Mahi and big Tuna!  We had an amazing time going out and teaching this guy different lure techniques, live baiting for marlin and tuna, and pulling dead baits for some sail fish that where around!  Fishing between Panama and Quepos Costa Rica has given the Mr Trigger crew lots of experience to further exceed their customers expectations for an amazing fishing trip!  We will now be residing in Marina Pez Vela located in Quepos Costa Rica for the remainder of our carrier! The bite is truly amazing with season holing numbers in Sail fish by the 20’s 30′ even release numbers in the 50-60’s !!!  The Marlin bite is really good as well with all the structure around that holds the bait all season long!  Marina Pez Vela is an amazing new marina truly blowing away the neighboring marinas in Costa Rica!  It has very accessible docks for the clients and crew, a huge fuel dock for just about any vessel, and 5 amazing restaurants around the campus!  In die time there will be an amazing hotel on the campus and when it does we will be offering packages from there no dought! It will truly be the top place in the world to fish for guest world wide that want to see an array of pelagic fish !  Yellow fin Tuna, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Stripe Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Sail Fish and Wahoo are the major fish species that people get a chance to target! Along with Rooster fish, 10 different types of grouper and Cubera snapper are there in plenty as well!




taking the kids on their first trip is truly the best

Taking the kids fishing in Panama or Costa Rica is always a great day on the water!